01. After cooking the noodles for 15 minutes, [drain] them, and mix them with a can of tuna.
02. We'd better call a plumber; the [drain] is plugged again.
03. After two weeks of exams, the students were completely [drained].
04. You shouldn't pour motor oil into the storm [drains] on the street because the water there goes into the ocean, and will pollute it.
05. He dumped the milk down the [drain] because it smelled a bit old.
06. After cooking the potatoes, [drain] off the water, and then add butter.
07. The city is considering [draining] a small lake in order to enlarge the city dump.
08. He felt completely [drained] after losing the game 10-1.
09. Anthropologist Margaret Mead observed that as a people we have developed a lifestyle that is [draining] the earth of its priceless and irreplaceable resources without regard for the future of our children and people all around the world.
10. As people move to the suburbs, the core of many cities become [drained] of residents.
11. If all of the water were [drained] from the body of an average 75-kilo man, the body would weigh 30 kilos.
12. If blood or clear fluid [drains] from the nose or ear following a blow to the head, phone a doctor immediately.
13. The area of northern Germany is [drained] by five major rivers.
14. For many decades, corrupt government officials [drained] public funds in Haiti.
15. The [drainage] patterns of Argentina's rivers and lakes are greatly affected by the height of the Andean mountains.
16. There are approximately 3000 rivers and streams in the tiny country of Moldova, and all of them [drain] into the Black Sea.
17. People in the Netherlands have been using windmills to [drain] their land, and keep it dry for over 600 years.
18. When my daughter was a baby, she didn't want us to pull the plug when she was in the bath because she was afraid she would go down the [drain] with the water.
19. Visiting London was a serious [drain] on our funds for the holidays.
20. If there is bleeding under a fingernail, it is important to make a hole in the nail to [drain] the blood; otherwise, the pressure can be quite painful.
21. The [drainage] system is getting old, and is no longer sufficient to carry the large amount of water generated by all the new housing developments in our area.
22. This cactus requires soil with lots of [drainage]; otherwise, it will get too wet and may even begin to rot.
23. Paul Wolfowitz once noted that corruption [drains] resources and discourages investments; it benefits the privileged and deprives the poor.
24. A recent study shows that immigrants to the U.S. are not a [drain] on the health care system, and in fact consume several hundred dollars less in yearly health costs than the average native-born American.

Grammatical examples in English. 2013.


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